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Classes We Offer

One-Time Group Class

  • Details:

    Cost: $100/person
    Schedule: Saturdays
    Duration: 8 hours (8 am - 4 pm)

  • Inclusions:

    • Rental of a pistol off the rental wall*
    • Certificate same day
    • *Ammo is charged separately.
    • Comprehensive instruction on best practice firearm handling.

Participants may bring their own firearms and ammo.

Certificates can be taken to the sheriff's office starting the following Monday. The Sheriff's office will then provide information on the expected waiting time for concealed carry cards.

Private Lessons

  • Details:

    Cost: $75/session
    Schedule: Mondays & Wednesdays,
    by appointment only
    Duration: 1 hour

  • Inclusions:

    • Individualized attention to ensure customer comfort with firearm handling.
    • Comprehensive instruction on best practice firearm handling.

Participants may bring their own firearms and ammo.

Our Director of Private Lessons currently is Heidi. Feel free to ask for her if you need to call with questions.

Why Choose Us


Choose us for concealed carry classes and tap into our wealth of expertise and experience with instructors who prioritize safety above all else.


Whether you're a newcomer or seasoned carrier, our personalized and hands-on approach ensures you gain the essential skills needed for responsible concealed carry.


Benefit from small class sizes, a supportive community, and flexible scheduling, all while following in the footsteps of numerous successful graduates.

Join us at Range Time for a journey towards confident and responsible concealed carry.

Past Student Reviews

Absolutely amazing range and staff. Went as a first-time shooter and booked an instructional appointment with Heidi, and she was a great teacher. Taught me all the safety procedures before stepping into the range and made sure I was comfortable and confident the entire time. $85 for booking, ammo, and renting the firearm, and it lasted about an hour. The only range I want to go to from now on, and that will be often.

Timothy The Tinkerer

My wife and I started shooting at Best Shot 2 years ago, they also own Range Time. Since Best Shot closed, we shoot at Range Time, Tyler moved over to Range Time and he is awesome. We shot at Range Time and the entire staff is awesome. We come down to Wilmington monthly from NY and usually shot a few times each visit. Great place, great staff.


Simply a great place. The team is amicable and helps you with questions before or after you pick up your rented gun, ammo or purchase the perfect fittings. You'll feel comfortable and supported by them even if you are a beginner like me. Go there and ask for Tyler (a crew member), and you'll feel like meeting an old friend!

Jonhnathan L.

The staff here were extremely friendly, great safety information and a waiver with extra important info. The AR-15 that me and my friends rented was very well built and was in very good condition. Overall I would recommend this range to anyone. I plan on coming back in the future.


Beyond informative staff, overly respectful, kind and helpful. We’re new into shooting on our own at the range and they were so helpful. I cannot express it enough how much I recommend Range Time. Also Remington their employee (black lab) is the sweetest. Not to mention how clean and professional this business is.

Taylor C.

Staff were great, safety information was clearly presented for first-timers, the AR-15 we rented was phenomenal. No jams, well-sighted for .223, excellent trigger system, clean muzzle brake. Definitely coming back if I'm back in town!

Ian E.

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